About Us

Compliance & Design, LLC., supports the aviation community by providing FAA approved data with attention to detail in an efficient, cooperative and dependable manner. 


  • Design and documentation of aircraft structural repairs and alterations.
  • Finding Compliance with the FARs (Part 23, 25, 27 & 29) and the CARs (3, 4b & 7) via FAA Form 8110-3 in support of FAA Form 337, Field Approvals, FAA Form 8130, STCs, PMAs or TCs.
  • STC Project Management.
  • Test witnessing (with FAA ACO  concurrence).
  • More than willing to work directly with the technician.
  • Quality contacts and working relationships with other engineering disciplines.
  • Typical repairs: Airframe corrosion, cracking and hangar rash repairs involving the pressure vessel, skins, frames, spars, ribs, longerons, stringers, flight controls, nacelles, etc..... 
  • Typical alterations and installations: Antennas, LRUs, other avionics computers, entertainment equipment, cabinets, cabinetry and baggage area modifications, etc.... 

Compliance & Design, LLC. is an FAR certification and compliance organization specializing in aircraft structural repairs and alterations.