Some of antenna installations include:

  • GPS Antennas for FMS, EGPWS and GPS (see typical doublers below). 
  • Traffic Antennas for IHAS, TCAD, Skywatch, TCAS I & TCAS II. 
  • StormScope Antennas such as the NY-163 for the WX-500, WX-900 and WX-950 and the antenna for the WX-1000. 
  • XM Weather and Flight Information system antennas from Garmin, WSI or the Heads Up Technologies. 
  • SatCom Antenna from GoGo and others. 
  • ATG Antennas from GoGo.
  • ELT Antennas from ARTEX, Kannad and others. 
  • Miscellaneous others: ADF, Rad Alt, VHF, HF, UHF, HF, etc...

Downloadable from below are some doubler drawings for some popular antennas. These doubler measurements are for sizing purposes only. Before fabricating a doubler, contact us to obtain material, thickness and any other requirements. The size of the bay from frame to frame and stringer to stringer are one of many considerations which goes into the installation approval. If another antenna or something else was previously installed in your preferred location, please contact us and we will work through an efficient installation plan.

Every aircraft is unique, with different antenna layouts, wiring & plumbing runs and interiors. We encourage our customers to find an antenna location that works for you, the we customize your drawing for your particular and specific installation. We will start with a typical doubler and will adjust them depending on the specifics of the installation. 

Small Tear Drop Antenna

Garmin: GA35 (013-00253-00), GA56 with studs (011-00134-00), GA55 (011-01033-00) & GA35 (013-00235-00); Honeywell/Bendix: KA92 (071-01553-0200); Comant: CI420-1 & CI1530-1; Collins: XMA-1000 (822-2030-001), HeadsUp: XMRANT-01 and WSI: 420-ANTS-TD

Download the Doubler Garmin GA35 doubler drawing (pdf) below.

Rectangular Antennas

Garmin: GA36 (013-00244-00)

Download the Doubler Garmin GA36 doubler drawing (pdf) below.

Single Connector Round Iridium Antenna 

Sensor Systems: S67-1575-109, Comant: CI490-1, GoGo: 015-10306-001 and Avidyne: MLX770.

Download the Doubler Single Connector Iridium doubler drawing (pdf) below.

More Antennas

Traffic Antennas

Honeywell: 805-10890-001, 7514081, 071-01548-0100, 071-01548-0200  

Garmin (GA58): 011-01346-00 & 011-01346-02

Sensor Systems: S72-1735-24 & S72-1735-26

Collins: TRE-920/TRE-920C

L-Band Antennas (XPDR & DME)

Comant: CI105, CI105-6

Sensor Systems: S65-5366-xx

Dorne and Margolin Antennas: DM NI50 & DM NI70